Monday, January 12, 2009

SPIDER ISLAND - Release Date January 13

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By Cricket Sawyer
ISBN; 1-60601-203-7
Publisher: Siren/BookStrand
Release Date: January 13, 2009

Chief Storm felt the fog seep into every crevice on the boat penetrating even the clothing he wore. It was thicker, heavier; more charged then anything he had ever encountered. Silence so loud it engulfed them; he couldn’t hear the water lapping at the boat. Even the men's voices a few feet away seemed inaudible, like the air canceled sound completely as they slipped slowly under the fog and were swallowed up by it.

It wasn't named Spider Island. It had, I thought, an enticing romantic sounding name. Maizley Ortiz, poetic--almost--But then...

There is no escape from the beautiful tropical island Maizely Ortiz in the middle of Lake Superior. It defies detection and Siren-like, lures men into her embrace. Lady Belize plans world domination with a superior race of women using captured male specimens as the sperm bank for her chosen women.


Savanna Kougar said...

Happy Release Day!

Lindsay Townsend said...

Happy Release Day, Cricket! Sounds fantastic!

Word Crafter said...

Thanks Savanna and Lindsay - I'll be dropping your names in the drawing for some cool prizes. I'll list them later today.