Sunday, January 29, 2012

Proverbs and Reality

There is a Persian proverb that states "Go and wake up your luck." Is it

possible, do you really create your own luck? An article in February 2012's "Allure" Magazine says yes. It's a belief system you incorporate into everything you do that creates opportunity and those lucky breaks that seem to fall in other people's laps. If that's so...I'm ready to experiment. How about you?

I'd say lighten up, think good thoughts...choose what you want to think about and let the doom and gloom lay. Be more open-minded to more - talk to strangers = ) within limits of course.

How observant are you? Do you really notice what's going on around a way that is your source of opportunity. You have to be awake to notice it though.

Does wearing clothes that make you feel good count? I would say yes because then you project confidence and well-being.

Allure columnist says even what you write in your journal/diary may affect your luck..."There's a high correlation between people who say they're lucky and people who are upbeat.

Try it! What can it hurt and think of what you might gain. Let me know how it goes for you.