Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice, by Julie Garwood became breakfast conversation this morning when I asked my husband to write book reviews for my blogs. He reads two, sometimes three books a week. He just finished Fire and Ice. by Julie Garwood. The way he explained it to me it is three stories woven into a cohesive whole which sounded very good.

He is an analytic reader. He noticed that there were 42 pages of one thread in the book. I wondered how he figured that out. He said there are 42 chapters, each chapter has a one page reference to wolves which is this particular thread.

I thought that was interesting. I'm reading The Maltese Falcon - and nearly missed how Sam Spade got drugged by one of the villains in the story--that would never happen to him. He reads fast, but he reads deep, always on the alert for clues. Amazing. Perhaps I will yet convince him to review this book and others for this blog.

He says he doesn't dare review my books (Cricket Sawyer writes Erotic Romantic Suspense usually with a paranormal bent to them) in case I would take something he said wrong. The idea of building a dog house in a hurry is not something he looks forward to. {grin}. For now, I'll let him get away with it.
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