Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Contract - New Title - New Publisher

It's like the first -- for those who are authors they know - it never gets old. Every new contract is as wonderful as the first. It validates your credibility as an author, it gives you reason to believe in yourself once again. You can make paper airplanes out of all those rejection letters and send them winging off into the wild blue yonder. Okay, here's the scoop...
Crimson Moth (a new publisher) has accepted Fury of Fire: A Woman Scorned for publication in September 2009.
The cover art completed already by one of the best - for now I'll just call him "R"
You'll see why I want to keep him all for myself {grin}

Here's a blurb about the upcoming book - I'm looking for pre-publication reviewers- if you're interested please email me at
Fury of Fire: A Woman Scorned

Jo-Ellen is finally stabilized and able to speak with Detective Sam Levine. Her ex-husband, Roy Pardena, now becomes a person of interest, with means motive, and opportunity. Conflicting stories develop about the other suspects now with Jo-Ellen's perspective added to the mix.

A visit with the alluring Candy Price opens new insights into the animosity and trouble brewing at Thunder Ride that Detective, Sam Levine, didn't know about before.

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Anabel Blue said...

That's great news, Cricket! And I know just who "R" is -- I can tell by his work. Don't worry, I won't tell.

Congrats on the new contract! I still want to exchange interviews. Sorry I've been remiss. Just not enough hours in the day.

Au revoir!