Thursday, February 12, 2009

Time Flies and Turtles Take One Step at a Time

Sometimes when you are in Turtle mode you get there, eventually mean time you may miss out on a whole lot... So,for today I'll be in time mode and fly over here to say - HEY!

Oh! Oh! Oh! Would you believe Blue Interlude is in edits -- it won't be long before you will get an eye full of Cyan and her blue-eyed hunk. Can you imagine getting stuck in a tornado in a root cellar in the middle of Oklahoma? If it was with a hunk to die for you wouldn't really mind would you? What if his Camaro wound up deposited in a tree by the same tornado? (shhh, I don't want to give it all away--but if you thought Darien was a dark knight in search of a love story- wait until you meet...Nathan {VEG}

Did you get your VALENTINE BUNDLE YET? If not you better hurry Valentines Day is only two days away and I wouldn't want you to miss out. Here is the information again.

Extra, Extra – Special Valentine Bundle Sale
In celebration of Valentine’s Day
From now until February 14, 2009

Buy either
Angeni from Red Rose Publishing OR Dark Thunder from Erotique Press

(Angeni –The e-book edition available now.
Dark Thunder is available in Print or e-book now.)

And as a Bonus from the author, Cricket Sawyer, receive:
1. Valentine Express (Erotique Download)

2. Hunks and Hero’s from the Valentine Express Booklet (PDF file)

3. Spaghetti Variations Cook Book (PDF file)

4. Angeni Book Marks (PDF printable file)

Send your proof of purchase to Cricket at and she will send you your bonus items. Hurry while all the items are still available. Do it Now while you are thinking of it before the offer disappears.


Angeni weaves her web to entangle evil in its own cocoon of destruction. Shape-shifter, singer, protector her life is in turmoil, is Kaus Borealis soul mate or an evil that won’t be trapped?


Dark edgy romance, a vulnerable woman plucked from a loveless marriage. Saved, she thinks, by her dark knight. The dark knight becomes a dark warrior with problems of his own. Sucked into a spiral of bizarre behavior and terrifying consequences, she soon realizes what her vulnerability has cost her. Is there a way out?

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