Monday, August 25, 2008

What would you eat to increase your appetite for sex?

I vote for chocolate covered ants with

perhaps oysters on the side? Well of all the things that are supposed to be edible - and good for you - and ahem! 'other' things I think chocolate is my best bet. Now Dark Thunder was released this month and I polled the characters -
Cyan said pepper is hot and it makes her hotter
Derian said anything that doesn't eat him first -- well he hedged on that he said sometimes eating him can be a good thing -- then he said he's game if any woman is.
Then in came Sharee - now there is a woman who prefers ceremony before anything - so even chocolate should be presented with ceremony and flair - .
Dark Thunder - that would be Derian -- you know what they are saying - well here try this on:
This summer has been weather intense. Dark storm clouds on the horizon signify danger, the potential for heavy storms. In a novel these same storm clouds signify danger of another sort. Dark Thunder is a knife-edged tale of desperation, passion and yes even perversion that strikes with lightening-like intensity at the heart of our comfort zone and reverberates across the fiber of our being, thundering through the atmosphere of our status quo, ordered world.
Pick up a copy and see what you would eat to satisfy your needs.

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