Tuesday, April 1, 2008

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The Ghost Music of Vaudeville

by Billie A Williams

ISBN 978-1-59705-310-5 (electronic)

978-1-59705-728-8 (print)

April 1, 2008

CONTACT: Billie A Williams

P O Box 134

Amberg, WI 54102


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Stepping center stage to entertain you ….

None other then –

In this day and age of razing landmarks to make way for High Rise Apartments or concrete parking ramps there is little left of the old world. When it comes to entertainment, the environment changes even faster. The Ghost Music of Vaudeville is about a troupe of actors, actresses and musicians who were part of the vaudeville stage at one time. The theatre sits in disrepair, and a greedy land developer is out for revenge. Part of that revenge is to demolish every Keith Theatre in the United States.

Charlie Wolfe, reporter for the Ironwood Daily Globe, Tommy Forester, teenager and champion for the down trodden, and Piano Man, (aka Rudy Poncigrau) who used to play for the vaudeville acts, the black and white movies, and more all have other ideas.

Will one last performance bring out enough support to stop the bulldozers before Damien Callistrari and his henchmen extract the revenge he seeks? Roberto Callistrari is going against his father’s wishes when he begins to fall for Charlie Wolfe –with his ties to Hollywood and Broadway he entices Bette Midler to bring her creativity and personality to help bring the Keith Theatre back from the edge. Together will they be enough to save this Keith Theatre and those lives so intrinsically entwined with the Ghost Music of Vaudeville that still haunts the walls and stage of this Keith Theatre in Ironwood, Michigan.

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Caffey said...

Hi Billie!
Its Cathie, I'm so thrilled to find your blog!! I've been away alot, long story, but found a post of yours about Jordan Dane's books (I shall have to find, do they have a strong romance in them or is the books mainly the focus of suspense?)
And now your book! Wow, this cover at first made me want to know more and then reading this blog, I definitely want to read this one. This sounds like a circus along with the ghosts and all. Been too long since I read one like this. Congrats on your release. Hope to visit you more! I'm putting this in my Google reader so I can find your blog easy!
Hope you doing well!