Saturday, March 1, 2008

Good Morning World

Hope this day is sunny and bright for you - but if it isn't make the best of it by curling up with a good read. Need something to set you up for St. Patrick's Day? How about a little Irish Whiskey Check it out at

Logan W Blue just happens to be a pseudonym of Cricket Sawyer - she writes a little darker then Cricket but its still romantic suspense and you will get a read worthy of your time.


When a rock singer becomes famous, his life is no longer his own. His life is usurped by the fans, the tours and the gigs. When he decides to take his long time girlfriend on a much needed weekend of R & R, their plans ends up taking a backseat when a pair of jealous twins kidnaps them in exchange for ransom.

Caught in the middle of their plans, Trixie decided that she wasn’t going down with out a fight. Will they both be dead when the twins leave with the ransom? Only time will tell as Trixie is forced to use her clever wits and resourcefulness to thwart whatever tenuous plans the deranged twins may have.

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