Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Ah, but cozy up by the hearth - Cricket's Hearth - with just the warmth of a good book, or a good man or both.
Welcome to my Hearth - grab a cup of your favorite toe-warming beverage and be prepared to be entertained.

Cricket Sawyer writes Romantic Suspense - and has played around with other genres always mixing romance with something else to see what she can shake from the muse this time. Valentine Express [available from www.erotiquepress.com was just right for your February read) Irish Whiskey - gets those St. Patrick's Day wishes flowing [available from Silks Vault, are you ready to challenge or chase your complacent look at the world try Beyond The Shadows - little paranormal touches speak from beyond to you there, or Maybe you are into shape shifters -would a shift to spider make you cringe not Angeni Angeni or The Great White Bull, also available at Silks Vault may be just enough shift for you to want more.

Current works in progress (WIP) include Dark Thunder which will be available from Erotique/Echelon in May of this year. If you are ready to follow the drum beat of Native American minds as they unravel a dark past and try to capture a future enjoy this interracial love story - visit with my characters as they take turns here telling you a little about them and their dreams. Coming here to Cricket's Hearth soon.

Mean time look for a very interesting interview with a current debut author whose rise to best seller status has just begun. Jordan Dane author of the soon to be released No One Heard Her Scream, has only dipped her fingers in the ink and already she has been offered a contract for more- this is the first of a three part series already contracted by Avon Harper Collins - be prepared to be shaken from your comfort zone when you read her words. Watch here for the interview coming in March!

Stay warm, loving and happy - catch you next time! They say a Cricket chirping on your hearth is a good omen. Chirp!

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